6 Tips on How to dry Clothes

If you are facing problems in drying clothes properly, we have a solution for you. Try these tips to ensure your clothes dry faster and efficiently after every wash:

1.Select a Fast Spin Cycle

Selecting the fastest spin cycle dramatically reduce the drying time for clothes. If you washing heavy clothing such as denim or towels, then give them an extra spin. Before you run the dryer, wrench the excess water from the clothes. This will dry the clothes much faster.

2.Use a Clothes Rack

Line drying your clothes is the most organic way to extend the life of your clothes as well as reduce carbon emission. You can use ropes and tie them to poles or use a portable clothes rack.Keep the clothesline under the shade and hang the clothes in it. Clip the clothes to the line. If you want to dry your laundry quickly, avoid crowding the clothesline. Keep sufficient gap between clothes. This facilitates smooth air flow and also prevents wrinkles.

3.Indoor Drying

Worried about how to dry clothes faster during the months of autumn and winter? Try drying clothes by the window. In case the sky is overcast or sunshine is scarce, then keep the clothesline in the warmest place in your apartment such as the kitchen or near a heating vent. The indoor moisture levels often make it difficult to dry clothes faster. To prevent that, use the air conditioner to control the humidity levels inside the apartment. This prevents mildew and dampness in your clothes.

4.Use a Towel

You can use towels in many ways to dry your clothes. Put a towel in the dryer along with your wet clothes. Remember to add two or three pieces of clothes per towel. Towels absorb the excess moisture from the wet clothes. This fastens the drying process. You can even lay the wet cloth on the ironing board with a dry towel on top of it. Now use the iron thoroughly over the cloth. Turn the garment to make sure that it dries from both sides. Another way is to wrap the wet cloth with a towel and then wrench it. Start with one end and slowly twist the entire towel. This is also an effective way to dry clothes.

5.Clean the Lint

Lint build- up can slow down the drying process. With each load, clean the lint screen. A clogged lint screen can cause the dryer to overheat and prevents it from moving the air efficiently, thus, increasing the drying time. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the lint.

6.Avoid Putting Wet Clothes in Radiator

Never put wet clothes directly into the radiator. This increases the moisture content and can result in mold or spore build-up. Rather, use dryer or clothesline for drying clothes and open the windows for proper ventilation.